How to authenticate your products and know they are genuine:
Many vendors out there are selling knockoffs at or near the same price as the original. After being fooled by these myself early in my vaping life, I decided to open a vapor store based on the philosophy of not selling knock-off or counterfeit products. We only buy either from the manufacturer directly or their USA authorized distributor that has been verified by the manufacturer to ensure we get the real high quality products you are expecting. So how do you know? Currently we have four manufacturers we are using and their links for verification are below. When you recieve your product you can go to these websites and verify authenticity. Note some manufacturers don't put this on lower priced items such as coils, tanks, individual batteries, or chargers and we have no control of that, but want you to know they are still authentic. Please contact us immediately for any issues.

Aspire: Scratch Check security code to verify authenticity can be checked at

Innokin:  Scratch Check security code to verify authenticity can be checked at

Joyetech: Scratch Check security code to verify authenticity can be checked at

KangerTech: Scratch Check security code to verify authenticity can be checked at Newly released products are now coming with ID tags and holographic codes that can be verified at Note: some products also include a KangerTech decal sticker that when water is added their logo disappears and when it dries you see their logo again. 

How to fix the EVOD, ProTank Mini, EVOD Glass & MT-3s tank leaks:
After experiencing this myself and getting quite frustrated, I read thru many only forums like you probably did as well. Let me save you some time. The most common cause is a poor seal between the coil stem and chimney inside the tank. To solve this you will need to add about 1-2 mm thickness of gasket material onto the coil stem. This can be done in several ways.
  1. Take the gasket off another coil, flip it upside down and install on the leaking coil. Be careful to not over tighten when reassembling the unit.
  2. Take a mouth piece cap that most tanks come with, cut the top part off to about 1-2 mm and slide over the coil stem. You may have to cut a center hole in this if your mouthpiece didn't come with one already. If this is the case, carefully cut two small slits in the center of the cap you are using and it should slide over with little effort. 
Now if the problem isn't coming from the center as evidenced by eliquid buildup on your battery contact the problem may indeed be the from another gasket. There are two other gaskets that could be the problem.
  1. The first one could be the coil to base gasket which is found on the bottom of the coil head. To rectify this try a new coil to see if the problem resolves itself.
  2. The other gasket is on the base of the tank where it threads onto the upper tank assembly. If the problem is from here you either need to find a replacement gasket, replacement base, or purchase a new tank, unfortunately. This is usually noticed by eliquid leaking from the external side of the tank where it threads onto the base. 
Next, the problem could be a crack in the tank itself, especially units that utilize plastic instead of glass for the tank linings. If this is the case you should replace the tank and consider an upgrade to a glass tank such as the EVOD Glass tank.

Finally, believe it or not the amount of eliquid in the tank is critical with bottom coil tanks. The eliquid applies pressure to the seals and when it gets too low the seals could seep slightly, so always try to keep your tanks at least half full and consider stocking up on your eliquid to avoid running low.
How safe are electronic cigarettes?
There have not been extensive studies into the use of e-cigs, but our belief is there are risks in all lifestyle choices and the choice between using e-cigs and quitting smoking of cigarettes is what led us to e-cigs and we feel the risk is far less than that of a regular cigarette. Please do your own research, a good starting point would be this article listing the pros and cons to both.
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What Nicotine Level is right for me?
We recommend that you always monitor your signs and symptoms closely the first week of usage of e-juice containing nicotine and the safest choice is 0 mg. However these are guidelines for trial levels as you attempt to replace cigarettes with your new vaporizer:
  • 1.5 to 2 packs a day smoker start with 24mg e-juice level
  • 1 to 1.5 packs a day smoker start with 18mg e-juice level
  • 0.5 to 1 pack a day smoker start with 12mg e-juice level
  • a few cigarettes a day smoker start with 6mg e-juice level
Please consult our nicotine information page for more details on nicotine usage, signs and symptoms. After you quit smoking it is recommended that you gradually reduce your nicotine level to the 0mg. 
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How soon will my order ship?
We are committed to shipping all orders within 1 business day of confirmed payment.
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Do you offer a warranty?
At this time we do not offer warranties, but we do stand behind our products. If you believe your product is faulty, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you and provide an exchange or refund if desired. Please note batteries do have a limited life and need to be replaced periodically. They typically last for 200-300 charge-discharge cycles. Also, tanks and their parts are consumable and will clog or leak over time so please clean regularly and consider having spare tanks available.
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