EZ Dripper or replacement bottle

$ 24.99

EZ Dripper

Product Description:

  • EZ Dripper was invented for you the drippers to make it much more safer to drip inside your car. How many of us have attempted to drip into our atomizer while inside of car? And out of those how many have ended up coming close to causing an accident? The solution is the Ez Dripper, a simple device that comes with a suction mount, sleeve and a 15 ml bottle. 
  • How it works- Simply place the device on a windshield and press down on the tab to lock it in place. Next unscrew the knob counterclockwise to adjust the angle of the sleeve. Tighten the knob by going right. Place the bottle into the sleeve. Now you are ready to refill your atomizer. To refill your bottle just grab any clean straw like shape rod and press down the white ring inside the bottle. 

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