SmokTech Novo 4 Pod Device

$ 37.99

SmokTech NOVO 4 Kit

A   S T A R   I S   B O R N .

The Novo 4 from SmokTech reserves the delicacy and accessibility of the Novo Series but promotes itself to a functional pod system with some fresh, new features. The air-inlet ring facilitates the customization of flavor and vapor, the leak-proof coil design makes a messy cleanup and wasting of liquid a thing of the past, and lastly, the USB Type-C charging port contributes to optimizing the charging efficiency of the device. You are sure to have a more gratifying vaping experience with the Novo 4 than any other Novo device.

Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

  • Latest Leak-Proof Technology
  • Air-Inlet Ring
  • Max 25W Output
  • Internal 800mAh Battery

PLEASE MORE THAN ONE SENSE SIMULTANEOUSLY - There is no one formula for innovation. The Novo 4 makes an immediate impact on the traditional pod system with all-around features, stylish appearance, and compact style.

FAST AND FUN TO ADJUST THE AIRFLOW - Scroll through air vents in different sizes by turning the air-inlet ring and finding the value which satisfies your demand for the tightness of the flavor and thickness of the vapor most. 

TEXTURED ZINC ALLOY FOR DURABILITY - Constructed with a certain hardness and toughness, the Novo 4 withstands the wear and collision in daily use.


  • Size: 93.5mm x 26.5mm x 17.7mm
  • Weight: 51.7g
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh internal 
  • Power Range: 5W to 25W
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V to 4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 0.5V to 4.0V
  • Standby Current: <50uA
  • Resistance Range: 0.4Ω to 3.0Ω
  • Charging Current: 5V±0.2V
  • Charging Voltage: Max 0.74A
  • Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V±0.05V
  • Overcharge Current: 2A±0.6A
  • Over-discharge Voltage: 2.4V±0.05V

EVERYTHING READY WITH A CLICK - The one button to rule them all design fulfills a concise style. The distinction between the powering on, powering off, and power adjustment is the frequency of clicking. To power the device on and off, simply press the button 5 times. Click the power button 2/3 times to start the power adjustment and increase by 0.5W with every click after.

MAX 25W OUTPUT - With an output ranging between 5W and 25W, the Novo 4 is here to cater to your picky tastes, whether you prefer a mild or strong one.

NO MORE LEAKAGE - When inserting the new LP1 Series Coil into the pod, the added silicone ring on the bottom of the coil fills in for any possible gap, effectively stemming the liquid leaking from the pod that results in a messy vaping experience and sticky hands! No one likes sticky hands.

WIDER CONTACT AREA, RAPID HEATING, BETTER TASTE - When the meshed coil gets in touch with the saturated cotton, delightful taste with smooth flavor and rich vapor arises spontaneously. 

LP1 Meshed 0.8Ω Coil

  • Best at 12W
  • Works on a leak-proof vaping experience.
  • Meshed coil for a softer flavor.

LP1 DC 0.8Ω MTL Coil

  • Rated 12W to 25W
  • Works on a leak-proof vaping experience.
  • Less vapor and intense flavor.

LP1 DC 1.0Ω MTL Coil

  • Rated 10W to 15W
  • Works on a leak-proof vaping experience.
  • Strong throat-hit and excellent MTL taste.

IT IS ALWAYS POWERFUL - The integrated 800mAh battery leads to enduring vaping any time of day. 

DEVOTE YOURSELF TO A FANTASTIC TIME - Recover the battery life on the Novo 4 in just 90 minutes with the USB Type-C 0.74A fast-charging port. No more dead battery anxiety!

INTELLIGENT DETECTION - Smart detection helps to better understand the device status. Protections include pod detection, short circuit protection, 8 seconds cut-off, and low voltage protections.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Novo 4 Device
  • 1 x Novo 4 Pod
  • 1 x LP1 Meshed 0.8Ω Coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 x LP1 DC 0.8Ω MTL Coil
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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